We are the travertine sealing Sydney experts you can trust. Travertine is a fantastic tiling solution. It offers a stylish and durable look that suits any modern aesthetic. However, despite its obvious beauty and appeal, travertine is a notoriously unbalanced and temperamental surface. It can easily become damaged or lose aesthetic value if it’s not treated properly.

Travertine needs care and maintenance throughout its life to maintain and protect the delicate surface. Nowhere is this more important than travertine sealing.

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Why you should seal travertine

Travertine needs sealing because the surface is porous. This is because the tiles are a form of limestone deposit. As such are particularly affected by liquids. Any spills on travertine (which is bound to happen at some point in the home) are potentially disastrous, leading to permanent discolouration or pitting. Compromising the surface’s ability to resist scuffing or other physical damage. This is particularly problematic if the liquid is acidic, but can happen with any liquids. These kinds of damage or discolouration are permanent. So preventing them from happening in the first place is vital.

Sealing the travertine provides a physical barrier between the tiles and any potential spills or damage. If done properly by a professional, it won’t change the appearance of the tile. Instead, it will vastly improve its durability and longevity in the home, without compromising the aesthetic appeal.

The travertine sealing Sydney experts

Due to the specialised nature of travertine with its porous surface and susceptibility to damage, it’s vitally important that you speak to a tiling expert for the best possible advice on caring for and maintaining your travertine surfaces. Tile Cleaning Solutions are experts in travertine sealing and care. We deliver a personal service from members of your local community, offering tiling and travertine sealing services throughout Sydney.

Our business is family owned and run by a father and son team, and we bring those community values with us to give you honest service. We are transparent with our customers, explaining the process carefully to ensure that you understand what is happening, why, and where the costs and expenditures come from. We are committed to providing the best advice and services for tiles.

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Our service is delivered by us; we never use subcontractors so you can be sure the service we deliver is top quality. For a travertine sealing Sydney service that households can rely on, contact us today for an obligation free quote, or some advice about travertine surfaces.

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