Travertine Sealing Gladesville Sydney

Another job well done by Tile Cleaning Solutions! These natural stone tiles or travertine tiles were cleaned and sealed in Gladesville, Sydney. We use our own in-house TCS Grout & Stone Sealer and get outstanding results.

Poolside tile protection is extremely important for the longevity of and continuous good looks of the travertine. With constant exposure to the weather, pool chemicals and salt, a good sealer will stop in the ingress of moisture into the porous tile and grout.

To get the best protection, Tile Cleaning Solutions will do a clean first, then seal.

Our Grout & Stone Sealer is a penetrating sealer that has a matt finish. This means there’s absolutely no chance of it peeling or cracking and will weather naturally. As you can see in the above image from Gladesville, the tile keeps its natural finish, yet water is amazingly beading on the surface!

You can purchase our TCS Grout & Stone Sealer if you’d like to DIY. Otherwise Tile Cleaning Solutions is here to help. Contact Tile Cleaning Solutions today via our online contact form, or call us to have a chat. Read more about our travertine sealing service here.

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