Do you need travertine cleaning Sydney? Travertine is a natural porous stone. Stone naturally absorbs liquid, which means that without a proper seal, liquid detergents will quickly penetrate into a stone floor, causing damage as well as potentially discolouring the surface.

Specialist travertine cleaning and travertine sealing are needed to overcome this problem, giving your floor the protection it needs.

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Why use our travertine cleaning Sydney service

Generic bleaches and disinfectants can cause permanent harm to an expensive stone surface, so always ensure specialist cleaning products are utilised. Once your floors are professionally cleaned and sealed we can recommend the right products to help maintain your floors.

When to consider travertine cleaning?

When to consider our travertine cleaning Sydney service? Whilst generic mopping and dusting can be an appropriate solution for many areas of the home. However, it is important to remember that some materials require specialist cleaning in order to remain in premium condition. 

Travertine is one example that requires specialist cleaning.

Many people remember to call in an upholstery specialist when their couch is grubby. Use an exterior cleaning expert when their paintwork needs a clean, but completely forget that their stone floors also need the expertise a professional can bring.

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a stone-floored kitchen, hallway or lounge, discover below what you need to do in order to keep your travertine floor surface in premium condition. The team at tile leaning solutions are the experts. Call us today for an obligation free onsite quote for travertine cleaning Sydney service.

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