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See the excellent cleaning results our Porcelain Tile Cleaning in Thornleigh Sydney service has done! In this home, you could easily mistake that the tiles were “clean” and the colour they are is how they are from new. However, it’s good that these clients of ours knew that’s not how they’re supposed to look!

These beautiful porcelain tiles are a great addition to uplift and modernise any home. The light colour along with the white cabinetry helps to open up the space as well. Being a common area of the home, the kitchen gets regular daily foot traffic, not to mention oils or foods from cooking and cleaning up. Regular cleaning is a must in a space like this, so routine mops help to keep the area maintained. But regular domestic cleaning just doesn’t quite clean like a professional clean.

As you can see in our photo, a true professional deep clean provides results like none other. The tiles come back to their original “white” like they’re brand new again, and the grout lines go from dark to light. A simple, clean like this is going to give your home living and kitchen areas an uplifting and refreshing look again.

A simple, clean like this is going to make your home living and kitchen areas provide an uplifting and refreshing look you can be proud of.

With our domestic tile cleaning services, we use only products and machines that keep you and your family or pets safe. The hot water and steam from our commercial tile cleaning machines also sanitise the area, killing off germs living in the grout.

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