Tile Cleaning Solutions


The team at Tile Cleaning Solutions pride themselves with an extensive knowledge of and much experience with terracotta tile cleaning.

We will carefully clean your terracotta tiles and return them as close to their original condition as it is possible to achieve.

The process of terracotta tile cleaning

We always choose only the most effective chemicals for our terracotta cleaning work. We use our tile cleaning machinery, delivering a truly deep clean without harming the surface.

With the cleaning completed, we can then recommend and undertake any necessary resealing procedures. Our penetrating sealers help to minimise staining and make future maintenance easier.

Asking our experienced TCS professionals to work on your tiles is an important step  to take. Doing so gives your tiles their best chance to continue to enhance your home,  office, or outside space in the way you always intended. We also offer terracotta tile sealing.

Get in touch

Call us on 0401 925 090 or take a moment to complete our Get In Touch form, and we will provide a free onsite quote for the work. Don’t delay, the sooner your terracotta surfaces are cleaned and restored, the longer they’ll be around to add the style you demand.

terracotta cleaning
terracotta cleaning