Are you looking for slate cleaning Sydney, then look no further than Tile Cleaning Solutions.

Facing the
daunting task of
Tile Cleaning?

Why is Slate cleaning important for your tiles?

Wherever you have used slate in your home or business premises, you’ll know that it is a dense yet fine-grained material, and one that is therefore easily scratched and damaged.

Call In The Professionals

When cleaning slate, our experienced team here at Tile Cleaning Solutions will start by carefully examining the surface, both the slate itself and any sealants that have been used.

As there are many different types of slate, each with its own characteristics, this makes sure we can select and use only the most effective cleaning products and processes for that particular surface. This avoids any chance of damage or discolouration. Previous sealants may need first to be removed before the slate cleaning can take place.

After your slate has been professionally cleaned, it always pays to have them then sealed or resealed. This forms the second part of a two-day process, together with our extensive and careful cleaning actions.

We are always ready to provide a free onsite quote for slate cleaning Sydney. Call 0455 234 822 and we’ll arrange a visit. If you prefer, you can use our Contact form on this page. Contact us now because, with slate tiles, delay often means damage!

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