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Are you looking for expert sandstone sealing Sydney? You have come to the right place. Tile Cleaning Solutions offer a Sandstone sealing service which is second to none. 

Sandstone is a very versatile rock that’s available in many different colours. As a consequence, it’s used for various applications; indoor floor tiling, outdoor patios, and even pool coping. It can be used anywhere in and around your house and is popular thanks to its intense strength and durability.

If you have sandstone tiling, then it’s highly recommended they undergo regular maintenance. This enables the tiles to stay in great condition. They will continue providing the high level of durability and strength you expect from them. Part of this maintenance includes general cleaning of the sandstone, but a huge aspect is sandstone sealing.

What Is Sandstone Sealing?

sandstone sealing SydneyAt Tile Cleaning Solutions, we provide sandstone sealing services in Sydney. But, what do we mean by ‘sandstone sealing’?

Sandstone is an incredibly porous stone, which means it contains loads of tiny little holes inside it. As a result, it’s unbelievably absorbent. This means that any liquids or gases can get inside the stone. This will end up causing a fair bit of damage. You can see visual examples on our site of sandstone paving that’s been damaged and stained thanks to water and other things being absorbed in it.

This is where sealing comes along, as a means of protecting the sandstone surface. We use a top-quality sealant to penetrate the rock and make it far more water resistant. This will reduce water and oils from penetrating  into the sandstone, preventing the occurrence of damages and staining. Our experienced team will ensure your sandstone is sealed efficiently to guarantee you get maximum protection.

Types Of Sandstone Sealant

Traditionally, there are two main types of sealant for use with sandstones. These are classified as Impregnators and Coatings.

At Tile Cleaning Solutions we only use impregnating sealers for sandstone. They  work deep below the surface of the rock. This type of sealant goes way down into all the tiny little holes and channels, offering deep protection from water and oils that could cause problems. With impregnators, you get a longer lifetime because the protection is so ingrained in the rock.

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