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Our expert team at Tile Cleaning Solutions was called upon to restore these beautiful sandstone with our Sandstone Cleaning Sydney service. Using our specialised cleaning solutions, machines and techniques, we effectively removed the mould and mildew, revealing a like-new finish.

The result is a stunning transformation that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor area but also increases its value and functionality. The homeowner can now enjoy their pool and outdoor space with confidence, knowing that the sandstone surrounding it is clean, safe, and beautiful.

You can see in the before pictures that the mould and mildew was quite thick, dark and black! Being a porous natural stone that was left for quite some time enabled the mould to take hold and start growing. Particularly in shaded and covered areas where plants are.

But that was no match for our Sandstone Cleaning service! Our professional grade tile cleaning machine cleaned these sandstone tiles in no time. Having your sandstone cleaned is also a great opportunity to get them sealed as well. This will add extended protection to your sandstone while preserving their natural look.

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