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What is natural stone?

Natural Stone sealing SydneyNatural stone is among the most popular, durable and beautiful construction materials for homes and businesses. Just as at home on driveways, walls and patios as they are on countertops, floors and more. Natural stone comes in a vast array of colours, features and styles that can suit every interior or exterior project.

Among the best known natural stones are marble, slate, granite and limestone – but there are many others. They don’t just look and feel great, natural stone is also extremely durable and abrasion-resistant – making it a perfect choice for a permanent and beautiful solution.

What is natural stone sealing?

Natural stone is incredibly durable, as long as it is properly maintained. Many natural stone materials are porous to some degree, meaning they are basically a hard ‘sponge’ that can be badly affected by liquids, oils, gases, acids and chemicals that stain, damage and break down the stone on the outside inside.

Natural stone sealer protects the natural stone from exposure to contaminants, without damaging the naturally beautiful look of the surface.

A penetrating natural stone sealer bonds the sealer properties with the stone. Protecting not only the surface but deep below the surface of the stone. The natural stone then becomes oil and water-repellent, without compromising the anti-slip nature or aesthetic appearance of the surface.

What is grout sealing?

Even less porous natural stone should be sealed, especially to protect the porous and textured grout to guard against contamination and decay. Sealing the natural stone and the grout joints will also make cleaning easier without the need for excessive elbow grease, harsh cleaning products, and the risk of abrasion.

Call in the pros for your tile sealing?

Natural stone sealing SydneyIt’s tempting to go it alone, but it is best done by professionals. Experienced experts like Tile Cleaning Solutions will thoroughly clean the tile before and after, ensuring you’re not locking in debris, missing any of those pores, or spoiling the surface of your beautiful natural stone.

Father and son duo John and Luke have been doing natural stone sealing for over ten years, so get in touch today to stop worrying about the protection of your beautiful natural stone.