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Are you looking for a professional limestone sealing Sydney service? Then, look no further than Tile Cleaning Solutions. 

What is limestone?

Limestone is a beautiful sedimentary rock. The basic components are fragments of old sea life like molluscs and coral. It has been a beautiful and popular construction material throughout history. 

Timeless, natural and reliable. Limestone tiles have been used through in some of the worlds most beautiful buildings.  In fact, Limestone is one of the most attractive, adaptable and affordable natural stones suitable for the modern home and business.

Why use our Limestone Sealing Sydney Service

So how do you keep your limestone looking good? You need to have them professionally sealed and maintained. This way, they will keep that ruggedly sophisticated look in any area or room of your house or premises for years to come.

Limestone sealing will keep your tiles looking beautiful, durable, resilient and always stylish. Another reason is that limestone sealing guards against damage and discolouration. This is  caused by water, chemicals and natural wear and weathering.

We highly recommend getting limestone sealing done on all of your limestone areas. Commercial-grade sealants should be used to reduce excessive wear if acidic or chemical products are ever applied.

When cleaning your limestone tiles, special limestone-compatible products such as pH-neutral stone cleaners should be used.

limestone sealing Sydney

Why do you need to seal your tiles? 

Limestone is a natural material that needs a little extra attention to ensure it has a long life when used as a building product.

Because it is chemically composed, external chemical and acid products can damage or destroy limestone. It is a soft and extremely porous material. Therefore, limestone sealing essentially fills in those pores and protects against the acids and chemicals that can eat away at it.

When should you use our limestone sealing Sydney service?

We recommend getting your limestone cleaned and sealed regularly. This will help prevent dust and dirt build up, discolouration and corrosion of the rock.

If you’re noticing that your limestone is starting to darken in colour or looks like it is wearing, contact us at Tile Cleaning Solutions. We are the limestone cleaning Sydney experts. We’re experienced in interior and exterior limestone cleaning, and can help with everything from general cleaning and sealing right through to thorough pressure cleans.

How do we seal your tiles?

Here at Tile Cleaning Solutions, only quality sealers specifically designed for limestone are used to protect your valuable and beautiful limestone.

If you’re picking a sealant for yourself, make sure it’s water and oil resistant and designed especially for limestone.

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