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Limestone is a popular building and renovation material due to its beautiful natural finish. It complements many styles, both inside and outside. To ensure that it remains in good condition, it is important to maintain and clean limestone surfaces. Maintenance isn’t always a straightforward task. Limestone is a natural rock made from marine organisms and sediments over many years. Because of this, it can be damaged by harmful chemicals.

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Is Limestone Cleaning Easy?

Limestone may be beautiful and durable, but limestone cleaning is not always easy. The basic building blocks of limestone are the skeletal remains of sea life and sediments. This makes it porous and susceptible to damage from incorrect cleaning and harmful chemicals.

What’s the best way to perform limestone cleaning? As most cleaning products have some acidity, they can corrode and destroy limestone if it’s used. To clean limestone tiles, you need to use a gentle, pH-neutral cleaner and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools.

To get the best results, a professional should carry out your limestone cleaning. This will keep it clean and well protected. With our service, your tiles will perform and look fantastic. Limestone cleaning also needs professional sealing. See our limestone sealing service for the best protection.

Why You Need Experts

Even though limestone can be long-lasting, proper care, maintenance, and cleaning ensure that it remains in good condition. We are the limestone cleaning Sydney experts.

While durable, limestone is quite soft. Therefore, making it easy to scratch, damaged by heat, or affected by external chemicals and acids. If it’s not properly cleaned and cared for, the damage can be serious and expensive. You may even have to replace it — at a serious cost.

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