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About Limestone

Limestone has been a popular choice for home builders and renovations in recent years. It is a beautiful, natural finish and works perfectly with a huge range of decor options. Both interior and externally

Unfortunately, this isn’t always an easy task. Limestone is a natural rock forged from marine organisms and sediments over many years. Due this it is highly susceptible to damage from harmful chemicals.

Best way perform limestone cleaning

Most cleaning products are slightly acidic, and this acidic nature can corrode and destroy limestone upon application. Proper limestone cleaning should be carried out by a professional on a regular basis to keep it clean and well-protected.

However, if you’re looking to clean your limestone in between maintenance visits, a few DIY options exist.

Look for alkaline or pH-neutral cleaning products in tile shops. Gently mop or wipe down the limestone changing your water regularly to keep it clean in between visits from an expert.

Once sealed, If there are ever any spills, it’s as simple as quickly wiping up the product with a warm, damp cloth.

Every once in a while, limestone will also need a thorough pressure clean so it maintains its beautiful light colour.

These pressure cleans should only be carried out by trained technicians. We know the right amount of pressure that can be applied to the rock, without damaging it.

Taking to limestone with a pressure hose and not having the correct training or knowledge can result in quickly corroded rock.

Ensure you leave your limestone cleaning up to the experts, as a DIY pressure cleaning job can be an expensive project if the stone needs to be replaced.

We also offer limestone sealing.

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