You Wouldn’t Believe It! – Limestone Cleaning Erina Central Coast

If you’re also looking for limestone cleaning Erina Central Coast, TCS has you covered. John & Luke from the Tile Cleaning Solutions team has done an incredible job on these outdoor limestone tiles in Erina.

Our tile cleaning machines cleaned these natural stone/limestone tiles up quickly and without fuss. What would otherwise be a hard job of manual scrubbing, TCS performed in a fraction of the time.

These particular tiles get the full outdoor weather of sun & rain, plus the leaves, dirt and twigs from nearby trees. Being a porous tile, they can easily dirty up quickly. But as you can see, they cleaned up beautifully like they were new again! We also performed a seal on these tiles so they will have the best protection in the weather to come.

Our recommendation is to get your outdoor natural stone surfaces like this sealed after cleaning. This will protect your investment, and aid in keeping them cleaner for longer. 

Do you have outdoor limestone tiles on the Central Coast? Read more about our Limestone Cleaning service here.

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