Our grout cleaning Sydney service is second to none. It pays to trust this specialist cleaning service to our family-run Tile Cleaning Solutions team.

Whether it’s your home or shop or offices, restaurant, pub, club, nursing home or retirement premises, or any other location, Tile Cleaning Solutions is the service for you. Whatever your needs, we never employ sub-contractors, and you are always dealing with our own highly experienced team.

Facing the
daunting task of
Tile Cleaning?

Appreciating The Need For Grout Cleaning Sydney Experts

Grout is a paste of sand, water and cement used to fill gaps between tiles. This white, or sometimes colored, substance binds the tiles together, filling any gaps for a finished look. It also prevents water and other substances from penetrating beneath the tiles and often causing serious problems.

As grout itself is porous, moisture and dirt penetrate its surface. In many environments, grease, grime, and limescale are absorbed, along with typical liquid spillages. This often means unattractive discolouration and can also be host to both unpleasant odours and harmful bacteria. In sink, bath or shower areas, the use of soaps, shampoos and washing materials often heightens the problem of both staining and gunk deposits.

How Does Our Professional Grout Cleaning Sydney Team Solve These Problems?

We use proven grout cleaning products and high-pressure hot water. This will detach and swiftly remove even the most stubborn of surface problems. Our specialised machine cleans the grout and vacuums up the dirty water without making a mess! The result is a complete refreshment of your kitchen walls, bathroom floors, or other stained tiled areas in your home or workplace.

Add Stunning Protection To Your Reinvigorated Tiles

Once the cleaned surface is completely dry, our experts can offer you the option of sealing (or resealing) your grout with highly efficient sealants. The sealer is absorbed into the grout, creating a strong protective layer against future staining.

Setting the Tile Cleaning Solutions team to work

Whether your tiled area is a residential bathroom, commercial kitchen, showers in a nursing home or a heavy-traffic floor area in a shop or bar, our friendly and professional team is ready to act. Call us now on 0455 234 822 and we’ll be happy to assess how best we can help you.

We have provided a much-recommended grout cleaning Sydney service, with many repeat customers for over 20 years. We service the Northern Beaches, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, The Hills Shire and the Sutherland Shire.

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