Concrete Colour Sealing

Looking for Concrete Colour Sealing. Then look no further than Tile Cleaning Solutions.

Concrete surfaces can look quite dull and boring. We provide a concrete colour sealing service to brighten up the concrete areas around your home. If your driveway is fading or looking dull we can also colour seal it to bring it back to life. The best thing is that it is a fraction of the cost of re-surfacing.

We have a range of colours to choose from.  If you are unsure on what colour to choose from the best way to pick a colour is to match your guttering or roof tiles.

This is generally a two day process depending on how much moisture is left in the surface after the cleaning process as the area needs to be dry before it can be sealed.

Tile Cleaning solutions do not use contractors. We do all the work ourselves and offer a high level of quality.

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