Are you looking for Concrete Colour Sealing Sydney? Tile Cleaning Solutions is a professional concrete sealing service. Concrete colour sealing is an excellent way to rejuvenate the look of those dull and bare concrete surfaces around the home.

The most common areas to seal are the driveways, footpaths, carports, garages and other undercover or outdoor patios and verandahs.

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Why Use Concrete Sealers?

Concrete is a durable and hard wearing surface, so why should you use concrete sealers? As durable as concrete is, it still suffers from natural weathering and wear and tear. Using a concrete sealer will increase the life, maintain the appearance, provide easier cleaning and prevent staining.

To add to this, coloured concrete sealers lift the look of your home and can increase property value. It is also ideal for driveways, carports and garages. The tough nature of the coating enables it to withstand cars and foot traffic.

We provide a concrete sealing service to brighten up the concrete areas around your home. If your driveway is fading or looking dull, we can colour seal it to bring it back to life. Compared to other methods such as concrete re-surfacing, stenciling or epoxy coatings, tinted concrete sealers are a cost-effective solution to maintain your concrete surfaces.

How Is Concrete Colour Sealing Done?

This is normally a two-day process. Once the concrete has been cleaned, it needs sufficient time to dry. Only once the concrete is dry can the sealing process begin.

The concrete colour sealer is then applied to the porous surface of the concrete. This creates a barrier that protects and seals the top surface. As the coats are applied, the shinier the surface becomes, giving the concrete a rich coloured and wet look.

We have a range of colours to choose from. If you are unsure of what colour to choose from, the best way to pick a colour is to match your guttering or roof colour.

Why Should You Use A Professional To Do Your Concrete Sealing?

The cleaning phase is critical to the coating adhering properly to the concrete. Having the right equipment also allows the coating to go on in the time window required by the sealer. Because of this, we recommend you use a professional service like Tile Cleaning Solutions to do the work. TCS do not use contractors. We’re proud of the high quality of work we provide, so you can be sure you’ll get great results.

Call us for a free onsite concrete colour sealing Sydney quote. We will advise you of the best outcome for your concrete surface.

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