Cobblestone Sealing Gledswood Hills Sydney

Get the best cobblestone sealing service in Gledswood Hills and Sydney! See our team on the job at this beautiful house in Gledswood Hills, Sydney.

Cobblestone pavers are an excellent choice for outdoor pathways and driveways. They offer a hard wearing surface with a high-end look. Although they strictly don’t require a sealer applied, cobblestone sealing helps to repel moisture out of the stone and grout. This keeps the stones cleaner for longer and protects them from early deterioration from the weather. Overall, it gives them a longer lifespan while staying beautiful.

The cobblestone sealing product we use is our own in-house TCS Grout & Stone Sealer, which is also available for purchase for you to DIY. It dries to a matt natural finish, keeping the natural look of the stone while making it hydrophobic.

Natural Stone Sealing Service

We also clean and seal other natural stone surfaces. Marble, slate, granite, limestone, and travertine stones are the most common ones we seal. Cleaning the stones thoroughly first is important in order for the sealer to effectively penetrate the surface.

Are you in Gledswood Hills and looking for a cobblestone sealing service? We service Gledswood Hills and all of Sydney and Central Coast. Please fill out our contact form and get in touch! We’d love to see how we can help you.

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